Profile picture : Angelica Frances

Nationality : American country flag

Born : 01-13-1966

Period : 1980 to present


Through the years I have done many Oil paintings , portraits, water colors, murals, graphic arts, photography, sculptures, charcoals, pen and ink, and so on. If you cut me I would bleed a rainbow. Art is my heart beat and everything is my canvas.

What ever gifts God has given me though the years I have always tried to benefit charities and social causes. God being the ultimate artist and what ever we create is only a mere shadow of his glory.

I count myself exceedingly blessed to be able to do what I love as my work and for the people I have met and places I have been able to go as a result.

A potion of the proceeds from the sales of my work always goes to a charitable organization. I try always to list to whom the sale benefits in the items description.