Exhibiting and selling on the Internet

e-attitude.net online art gallery is an international art exhibition and sale site on the web.
Whether you are an artist or an art dealer, it brings you a larger visibility for your artworks and connects you to art lovers and collectors worldwide.
More than a simple art exhibition showcase on the Internet, it allows you to sell at a distance through its secure transactions platform.
In addition to the shared gallery, you may also get a personalized presence on the Internet
thanks to the 'personal site' option.

A larger visibility on the Internet

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Exhibit your artworks to the whole world on the Internet in a totally free manner.

No deposit, no contractual obligation of exclusivity.

You stay in control of your exhibition through direct management of your artworks. The management tools put at your disposal allow you to easily add an artwork for sale, remove it or delete it with a simple click.

Your exhibitor account in the shared gallery is free and unlimited. It may feature as many artworks and artists as you wish.

Presentation of the artworks is scalable according to the details that you include. Beyond the basic characteristics, you will be able to include a detailed description and even an history for each work of art.

  • → Mandatory information include : title, category, year, image, description

  • → Optional information include : price, dimensions, history, whether it is framed or not, signed, numbered, and whether a certificate of authenticity is provided

Artworks are displayed to the public with a number of options depending on information included and display possibilities : price displayed in different currencies, approximate scale of image, real size simulation, full size display …

An integrated transactions platform

Your free exhibitor account brings you guarantee and security in transactions.

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Your customers can pay for their purchases in a totally safe way, by online payment or by wire transfer - depending on the amounts.

You benefit from all of our system's advantages plus the guarantee of a secure payment platform for a commission rate of only 10% on your sales - or 12% including taxes.

Payment of your sales will be issued each month, quarter or year depending on your choice, with a 30 day delay for customer guarantee. You can change the periodicity at any time in your account manager.

You will be able to receive payment of your sales by check or wire transfer.

If you are a professional seller and have to collect VAT or sale tax, we will not apply our commission on it.

All your periodical payment receipts for your online sales - along with our commissions bills - will be archived and accessible in your account in PDF format.

Your personal exhibition and sale site (optional)

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By subscription you can benefit from a personalized exhibition and sale gallery - besides the shared gallery - featuring a private address of type 'mysite.e-attitude.net'.

Just subscribe to the 'personal site' option after opening your account.

You will keep the same capabilities as on the shared gallery, plus you will benefit from the advantages of a personal website.

Free one month try-out !

By subscribing to the personal site you will get a customizable online art gallery at an affordable subscription price featuring your own address on the web

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  • + A personalized title for your gallery

  • + Various graphical presentation themes

  • + Your own logo displayed in place of ours

  • + The ability to publish news on your homepage

  • + Complete visitor statistics for your site (AWSTAT)

  • + Contact form messages sent directly to your e-mail

  • + The ability to add external links on your sites directory page

With some knowledge of CSS, you will even be able to edit your own graphical presentation theme.

Your personal site will also feature a daily updated XML sitemap, an RSS feed for your latest artworks, plus automatic Schema markup and other SEO tags on your pages.

Join us by opening your account right now and start your exhibition within minutes